Thank you for dropping into my food space – a place where I can share recipes, tell you about foodie books I’ve read (there seems to be a lot of those!), share stories and interesting snippets about food and eating.

It is my digital home base and it will also keep you up to date on my cooking classes and where our next market stall will be.

We (my husband Michael and I) live in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland.

Our girls now both live interstate and we rattle around in a somewhat too large house on our hectare of land, enjoying the relative seclusion of our little corner of the world.

We have a few chooks and a veggie garden and heaps of wildlife, some we like, others not so much.

I’ve had market stalls, organised farmer’s markets, run a cafe, done postgraduate studies in gastronomy, conducted cooking classes and judged preserves and cakes at the Brisbane Show (The Ekka) and smaller shows around town.

I cook pretty much everyday and it’s the thing I miss when we are on holiday.

I love spending time in the kitchen. I cook most things from scratch. I have an aversion to processed food, pre-prepared meals and imported fruit and vegetables out of season.

I think it’s sad that lots of people don’t know how to prepare simple food at home and that a lot of people don’t know what homemade tastes like.

I hope this digital food space provides at least a little inspiration for people to spend a little more time in the kitchen.