Diana Henry’s book Salt Sugar Smoke has been one of my best recipe book purchases of recent times. Not only does the book look fabulous with eye catching photography but the recipes are inspiring. This isn’t because they are complicated and full of different techniques pushing you to achieve greater culinary milestones, rather the recipes are very achievable for the home cook. It is largely because of the flavour combinations that Diana uses which are diverse and unusual but incredibly successful.

KumquatsOn first reading some of the combinations you think ‘that sounds interesting’, but it’s only when you make them that you realise how inspired they are. I have yet to make one of the recipes where the flavours didn’t truly compliment each other, each carefully balanced with none dominating. The ingredients are enhanced by their partner ingredients so that you end up with this delicious amalgam of flavours. The recipes just seem to sing with colour and flavour. This kumquat and passionfruit marmalade is no different.

Kumquats are in season now so if you grow them or are able to buy them from your local farmers market this is a wonderful way to use them. Like most marmalades this is a bit of a labour of love. Finely slicing those kumquats takes time but it is worth the effort to see those thin slivers of fruit suspended in the marmalade. You will need to begin this recipe a day ahead as marmalade really benefits from the fruit soaking overnight.

Kumquat & Passionfruit Marmalade

Kumquat and Passionfruit Marmalade

  • 1kg Kumquats
  • 10-12 passionfruit
  • juice of 5 oranges
  • juice 1 lemon
  • 1.2kg sugar

Slice the Kumquats thinly, removing the seeds as you go. Put them into a preserving pan with the lemon and orange juices. Remove the pulp from the passionfruit and add this to the pan. Bring the kumquats to the boil, reduce heat and cook until the skins of the kumquats are soft. Cover the pan and leave overnight.

The next day add the sugar to the pan, heat it gently until the sugar is dissolved. Bring the mixture to the boil and continue to boil until the setting point is reached. Remove from the heat and skim off any scum that may have formed. Bottle in sterilised jars.

Kumquat & Passionfruit Marmalade


6 thoughts on “Kumquat and Passionfruit Marmalade

is that home made bread? – the same you foolishly gave away on Mothers Day? ohhh, please say yes…all will be forgiven, i might even eat some of that nasty marmalade

    juliaspantry says:

    It is home made bread and yes the very same as the Mother’s Day bread minus the caraway seeds. And it goes very nicely with the marmalade.

Sigrid says:

The mothers really deserved to be given that delicious bread! I felt like a naughty child – picking away at the crust and eating great mouthsful of the yummy, soft, fragrant inside! More please – perhaps with a jar of kumquat jam to go with it!

    juliaspantry says:

    In deed they did! Now that I’ve made a loaf for us I think it will be on high rotation. It really is pretty good and yes very good with kumquat marmalade.

Jane says:

I made this marmalade for a school fete recently and thought it was gorgeous. Adding the passionfruit was inspired! I used juice from blood oranges which made it slightly darker and probably a little more intense. Will definitely make it every cumquat season. Thank you.

    juliaspantry says:

    I agree, I think the passionfruit really adds something to the marmalade. Love the idea of using blood oranges. Might have to give that a go.

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